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Play casual games. Win actual cash.

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Play with Friends and Frenemies, for Fun and Funds.

Enjoy uninterrupted mobile gaming on Hyper with no ads, high-quality casual games, and real cash rewards.

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Not your average mobile game app

Play for free with no distracting ads
Enter battle games and beat your frenemies.
Challenge friends and eat their money.
Join tournaments and cash out big rewards.
HPR Coin

(HPR) = Money

HPR is Hyper’s in-game currency with real money value.

Play Battles games and Tournaments

Win HPR as rewards

Cash-out HPR for real money

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For Gamers
For Gamers

Play solo, challenge friends, battle frenemies, enter tournaments and win cash.

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For Sponsors & Guild owners
For Sponsors & Guild owners

Own an eSport team and cash out big time, before it’s too expensive to own one.

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For Influencers and Brands
For Influencers and Brands

Engage with your community via fun gaming challenges and tournaments

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For Tournament Organizers
For Tournament Organizers

Create paid and free eSport tournaments and reward participants as you desire.

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For Game developers
For Game developers

Monetize your games and access active gamers. List your game on Hyper.

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One App, Many Games

Kong Climb
Birds vs Blocks
Dart Master
Droid O
Electron Dash
Fruit Slice Frenzy
Grab The Sushi
Gun & Bottles
Winding Road
Zombies are coming

Some things you may want to know

We answered questions so you don’t have to ask

Can I download Hyper from Google Playstore or Apple app store?

Hyper is currently not available on the Google Playstore and Apple app store.

What is HPR?

HPR is Hyper’s in-game currency that has direct money value!

There are two ways to get HPR:

  1. Top-up HPR: you can top-up your HPR balance in your Hyper wallet. To do this, open your Hyper wallet and fund your account with the fiat currency that is available to your location.
  2. Earn HPR from Battle Games: you can play battle games against other players using your HPR and GEM rewards and get more HPR as a reward when you win!

What is GEM?

GEM is Hyper’s reward currency that is rewarded to you for free! when you sign up, maintain game streaks, and refer friends

You can earn GEM in three ways:

  1. Sign Up: we reward you with 10 GEM when you sign up and create your account so that you can start playing and winning!
  2. Maintain Daily Streaks: play games daily to maintain your gaming streak and earn new GEM rewards every day!
  3. Refer Friends: share hyper with your friends and get 10 GEM for every successful referral and get 100 Bonus GEM when 5 of your friends sign up within a week!

What is a Battle game?

In Hyper, there are two gaming modes: Battle and Practice.

In the Battle mode, you can play with HPR or GEM against other players and earn more HPR when you win!

You will be matched randomly with another player when you enter a battle game. (In the future, we will also have the option to invite and challenge your friends!)

What is a Practice Game?

In Hyper, there are two gaming modes: Battle and Practice.

In the Practice mode, you do not need to use any HPR or GEM. You can play risk-free for fun, earn streak rewards and level up your skills!

Do I need an internet connection to play games?

Yes. To play the games on Hyper you need an internet connection.

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Get Hyper and earn rewards while playing the games you love!

Download android APKDownload android APK